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piątek, 18 października 2019

Polyend -Poly 2 MIDI to CV interface now available

Poly 2 is MIDI to CV converter.

Poly 2 offers connecting a computer, smartphone to the USB port; MIDI controllers compatible with your class via a USB host, and all other devices via a MIDI jack port. The whole range of analog outputs provides versatility for connecting loads of various types of modules. Easily customize all the settings you need thanks to the OLED screen with a simple menu system. Set, save and recall parameters with one click of the encoder.

To be compatible with any MIDI device,
Poly 2 provides a wide range of parameters that can be customized.
It also works great with MPE devices.

On the other hand, there are many voltage standards.
Poly 2 shines here too. Thanks to different standards
in the case of Pitch and Gate, it connects to Eurorack modules,
Buchla and any other instrument supported by the CV.

Four modes give completely different possibilities

First and Next modes are ideal for building a unique polyphonic synthesizer.

Channel mode lets you choose which MIDI channel is responsible for which voice. This mode is used by most users to connect DAWs or external sequencers.

Note mode translates the data received from MIDI notes from C to G and directs them to the appropriate voices (regardless of the octave). This scenario works great for triggering drums from drum pads or drum triggers.

USB A - Host (+ 5V)

MIDI Jack (with Thru and SmartThru option)
Up to 8 voices (Gate + Pitch pairs)
Up to 12 configurable CVs

Dimensions: width 14 hp, depth 24 mm.

Price 345 €

Now Available 

More info here :
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