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wtorek, 22 października 2019

Soundmachines announces EuroTouch 14 new unique touch modules.

Soundmachines is a producer of eurorack modules known for very good touch controllers like the last Arches or LS1lightstrip.

This time Soundmachines are full of lines of touch modules under the name EuroTouch .
This are 14 new unique touch modules .

for example, they will control various functions in the majority of their names .

T-quadstrip-Evolution of the LS1 lightstrip

T-qvca-Quad VCA

T-mixer-Stereo four channel panning mixer

T-vocoder-16 / 32 band vocoder

T-sslayer-Stereo distortion engine

T-sspectrum-Spectral processor and more...

Some information are preliminary. Planned rollout for the described modules shipment is July, August and September.

more info soon here:

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