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czwartek, 17 października 2019

Modor NF-1 and NF-1m new software upgrade to OS013-Comb Filter self-oscillation, free running oscillators, and especially: full microtonal possibilities!

There's a new upgrade for the NF-1 (OS013) and NF-1m (OS006), What's new?

The Chorus/Flanger effect unit finally works entirely stable under heavy feedback, positive or negative. About time! No more ugly digital spikes or speaker-damaging noise bursts, you can safely turn up the feedback and enjoy comb filter self oscillation.
The active Osc and Env selection get saved with the patch (NF-1 only)
Osc phase randomisation can be selected. Before (and still the default), all oscillator phases got reset at the beginning of a note. Now they can be randomized to get some more 'life' in some patches. That's more or less the same as so-called free running oscillators
You can set your NF-1(m) to start from the last loaded/saved patch at bootup. The default is still bootup with the empty init patch, but you can alter this in the System Settings menu
And last but very, very far from least, Modor goes microtonal!

More detailed information can be found here: on the official Modor website .
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