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czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2020

Shakmat Modular announces 2 new modules Bard Quartet and Dual Dagger: 4-channel quantizer and stereo filter

Bard Quartet

The Bard Quartet can your CV into a choir with 4-part harmony. It offers four channels of quantization, which can be put in a harmonic context in a variety of ways. Assigning notes is easy with the module’s little button keyboard. For each channel, you can set the scale, octave and I/O assignments. The harmony feature allows you to save the configurations of the channels and recall them using the knob or CV, which lets you accomplish things like chord progressions and building harmonic arrangements. The module comes with 80 pre-configured harmony settings in non-volatile memory. And if you’re into something a bit more experimental, each voice can be detuned individually.

Dual Dagger

The Dual Dagger is a stereo filter module with separate high and low pass filters. The filters can be adjusted and modulated individually, and you can combine them to form a band pass filter. Shakmat says that the module is carefully calibrated to deliver exactly the same sound in both channels. But it can also be used for stereo experiments: The pan feature allows you to decouple the cutoff frequencies of the two channels. The offset can be modulated via CV, which opens the door to all sorts of stereo craziness.

Price -soon

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