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środa, 29 kwietnia 2020

OlllAudio releases new Reverb And Delay dual module

Here is a dual-module of effects, which contains two independent from each other and similar in meaning effects – Reverb and Delay. It uses two DSP chips, which have become classics for modern DSP reverbs. Unlike the fully analog reverb provided by the Spring Reverb, this module has a number of advantages and features such as DSP-specific sound, compact size, and space size control, which makes the classic DSP reverb unique in sound.

The device has a simple and user-friendly interface: input-control-output, which is an unwritten standard for dynamic processing devices, convenient and understandable even to an unprofessional user.

The device is as simple as possible in its structure. This is done in order to completely untie the hands of the musician when creating a model of sound and to expand the number of possible options for its use.

And we get a simple, flexible, and compact reverb and delay in one case.

Reverb and Delay
Reverb Side

The reverb chain has as its main parameter the Size of the space (reflection time). In addition, there are two closely related parameters of Reflections and Power, which determine the completeness of sound and the duration of the reverb tail (see video below).

Reverb and Delay
Delay Side

The delay circuit only delays the input signal for a set time, which is determined directly or by using the CV. You get a time-controlled signal.

Features of the Reverb and Delay module:

2 independent DSP Audio Circuits
External control for the main parameter
User friendly interface

Format: Eurorack
Power supply: + -12V (IDC 16-pin)
Size: 10HP

Price : $199.00 

More info here :

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