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piątek, 29 listopada 2019

Music Thing Modular releases Workshop Notebook

The Music Thing Modular Workshop Notebook is a 100 page ring-bound A5 notebook made for designing electronics, in particular Eurorack synth modules.

The book includes:

40 pages of dotted notepad paper. The dots are on the 100mil / 2.54mm grid used by most thru-hole electronic components. It’s easy to sketch actual-size layouts, but also works fine drawing schematics, logos, comic strips or lists of ideas.

40 pages of blank Eurorack panel layouts, from 2hp to 34hp. There are 145 blank panels in total, including 1U Intellijel and PulpLogic tiles.

10 pages of rational troubleshooting worksheets, with advice, tips and a structured method for calm troubleshooting when something doesn’t work first time.

The inside book covers contain at-a-glance data and information; pinouts for common chips and sockets, musical frequency tables, standard op-amp configurations.

There are also lists of recommended reading, sources of ideas and records to listen to while soldering…

The book is printed on nice thick Sharpie-proof paper, and all the pages are numbered for easy cross-referencing as you build a project across the sections.

Price £10.00 (Excl. VAT)

more info here :THONK

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