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środa, 11 września 2019

Erica Synths showed PICO System III with Voicecards like in Buchla Music Easel !

Pico System III Has two VCOs, two 3-channel mixers, 4-wave LFO, two ASR envelope loops, two low-pass gates, BBD delay, 4-step sequencer and master section.
 It also has many other features that make up a bizarre little system. VCO1 has pulse and triangular outputs with CV controlled PWM. VCO2 has a built-in wavehaper with its own output power. There is a VCO controller section to manage the inputs and FM levels of the oscillators.
LFO has noise and S&H along with the usual sinusoidal and pulse outputs and a random trigger output. Loops on the envelopes mean that they can also become LFOs

Voicecard is a similar card slot on the Buchl Music Easel called EXT / PROG INTERFACE. The point is that you can save the full patch to the card and then simply plug it into the socket to download the patch. You can store different patches on different cards and swap them for immediate sound changes - quite a revelation in the modular system.

 Most of the inputs and outputs will be normalized in the card slot, so instead of making connections using patch cords, you can connect the card and it will immediately improve all these connections. The set will come with 5 pre-set voice cards. These include LPG Techno, synthesizer-synthesizer, space computer, Drone Master and Droid Breakdance. Several DIY voice cards are also included. They allow you to save your own corrections. But you will have to pull the soldering iron to build a patch by soldering the wires on the card.

The cost of this system is significantly reduced by producing a full system on a single circuit board and using one housing, while maintaining system circuits and the quality we are used to from Erica Synths PICO modules. It also has an innovative patch storage system based on PCBs. This will redirect all standardized connection points to a card-sized printed circuit board, allowing you to solder your own DIY synthesizer voices and saved patches, as well as using one of the 5 included tabs for some patch ideas. This is of course still fully and fully easy for ordinary cables, as well as a set of 25 cables.

Pico System III will be EUR 450 for the desktop version and will be released on the 20 September.

there is no more detailed information but will soon be announced by Erica Synths:

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