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środa, 18 września 2019

Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is now available

Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is now available.

Audio interface featuring 8 premium preamps without the premium price. Dual functionality, pristine audio quality, and an amazing collection of plugins. AudioFuse 8Pre is hitting stores worldwide, are you ready to take your recording to the next level?

AudioFuse 8Pre is The Perfect Interface For...

Drum recording: 8 channels of premium audio, so you don’t have to choose which drum mic gets the best preamp. They’re all the best!

Using boutique mics: Huge gain and no noise means you can crank the levels and still have a pristine audio signal.

Live recording: 8 superb preamps let you track a whole band with the best audio quality around.

Live performing: 8 outputs let you give the sound tech more options, so you can sound your best when you hit the stage.

Creative recording: Channels 1 and 2 feature dedicate effect insert points, giving you more creative scope during tracking.

Expanding your setup: If you already own an interface you love, AudioFuse 8Pre can add another 8 ins and 8 outs through ADAT.

Mix with confidence: The included software plug-ins are modelled on some of the most iconic studio outboard ever made from the 60s to the present day.

Master with accuracy: Absolute flat response and no noise at all volumes, across all frequencies, both on headphone, monitor, and line outputs.

Included: AudioFuse Creative Suite
Color your sound with vintage studio preamps and iconic outboard effects. With AudioFuse 8Pre, you get $595 / 595€ worth of old and new recording technology in one place, so you can truly create music without limits.
AudioFuse Creative Suite contains:

Price $799 / 699€ 

Now Available .

More info here: ARTURIA 
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