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czwartek, 19 marca 2020

BASSLINE DB-01 Erica Synths demo and opening orders

Erica Synths demoopens orders for new BASSLINE DB-01!

Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 synthesizer lets you explore new territories of sound and performance techniques and go from a melody to noise and back in no time. The DB-01 packs analogue Erica Synths signature sound engine with an advanced sequencer on top of it.


All analogue sound engine
Aggressive acidbox filter design
One knob overdrive for even more destructive sound
Transistor based sub-oscillator
Independent amplitude, filter cutoff and pitch envelopes
BBD based detune for massive swarm sound
Syncable LFO with multiple waveforms for FM and VCF modulation
Noise source
Intuitive, easy to use sequencer for up to 64 step patterns
Sequence transposing
Pattern randomization
Modulation track with VCF cutoff automation
Built in and user defined scales with micro tonal possibilities
Analog clock in and out
CV/Gate output/input
MIDI IN and THRU – play it with a keyboard!
8 banks of 16 patterns memory
Compact, durable aluminium enclosure

So make from basslines and rave sounds to massive drones and drums!

price € 460.00

Estimated shipping due April 01, 2020

More info here :

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