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wtorek, 10 maja 2022

SetonixSynth Laka -Sequential Voltage Processor + Mixer


SetonixSynth's Laka is a powerful, multi-functional and extraordinarily flexible hub for flipping, offsetting, combining, and re-routing voltage signals throughout a Eurorack modular system of any size. Equally at home manipulating audio or control voltages, Laka will quickly make itself at home in the thick of each and every patch, with its uses limited mostly by imagination.

Each of Laka’s four channels offers a separate high-headroom bi-polar CV processor (also known as an attenuverter) with its own offset, perfect for “dialing in” a signal for optimal use with other modules. Each channel offers a high degree of control including a “Zero” switch and bi-color LED indicator. The “solo” output of each channel is available at all times via its own output jack, but the channels are also available in various mixtures via the three Submix outputs (A+B, B+C, C+D) and main Mix output (A+B+C+D).

The four Channel outputs are also combined in a more novel way via the Sequential section. The right side of the module is dedicated to selecting one of the four Channel outputs and routing it to the Sequential output. This section is controlled by a high-quality manual pushbutton, a Clock input capable of operating at audio rates, a Reset logic input, and a switch controlling the number of steps. This section allows a user to create complex CV waveforms from the four Channels, flip through audio, “audition” new sounds or signals, and numerous other functions.

Voltage processing just got a lot more fun: Laka is here!

Four high-headroom bi-polar CV processors with voltage offset, “Zeroing” switch, and bi-color LED indication

45mm faders for each bi-polar level control

Submix and Main outputs for adjacent channels with one Offset voltage active on each output

Sequential section for selecting one of four Channel outputs via Sequential output

Clock, Manual Advance, Reset, and Steps controls for Sequencer section

LED indicators for Sequential step selection

Maximum Current Draw: 65mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V

Input Impedance (Channels A-D, Calibrated): 97k approx.

Input Impedance (Clock): 100k

Input Impedance (Reset): 47k

Output Impedance (All Outputs): 1k

Maximum/Minimum Output Voltage (Channels A-D, All Outputs): +/-11.5V on standard Eurorack PSU

Clock, Reset Threshold: 5V (negative voltage protected)

Designed By Blokotek