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piątek, 18 lutego 2022

Flame Instruments announce TAKT - Rhythm Sequencer


"TAKT" is a compact 30HP Eurorack sequencer module for playing or programming trigger/gate/velocity rhythm sequences.

The sequencer has 8 tracks with trigger/gate outputs, 8 velocity/modulation CV outputs and full MIDI functionality.

Both outputs of the track can also be recorded independently of each other.

Live sequencing in looper mode is possible in two ways: SHOTS for playing "note repeats" or quantized triggering via keys or sensors.

In the step sequencer mode, notes are programmed in the classic way or edited later.

 Four tracks can be triggered simultaneously with four external distance sensors. These sensors are just 2HP slim modules that can be rack mounted at desired locations.

These are connected directly to TAKT (sockets on the underside) with narrow and sufficiently long ribbon cables. TAKT also supplies the sensors with the necessary operating voltage.

The 4 sensors and the connection cables are included in the scope of delivery. The sensors generate triggers/gates/accents and can be switched live as a set between tracks 1-4 and 5-8 (e.g. via footswitch).

Four syncable LFOs with VCOs for amplitude adjustment are also provided. The LFOs are equipped with many interesting functions.

This includes different waveforms, phase, amplitude, speed and output voltage. This can be unipolar or bipolar (0..+5v or +/-5v) and additionally attenuated by AMP (amplitude) with built-in VCA.

This means that the LFO outputs can also be adapted to modules that do not have an input attenuator.

Patterns can be switched live and are each up to 4 bars long. 4 patterns plus a fill pattern are saved as a scene. 30 scenes can be permanently stored in the module. This means that 135 patterns are available in total.

Additional inputs and outputs for controls are available. There are 4 CV inputs to be defined by the user, as well as 2 programmable analogue clock outputs.

On the front there are MIDI input and output as 3.5mm TRS sockets. Another MIDI OUT and a MIDI THRU in MIDI DIN format are also available on the back.

Firmware updates can be made via USB (Win-PC).

The module is currently still in the prototype stage, but is already being used live in a beta version (by the techno duo Flirren from Berlin).

expected to be available mid/late 2022 

More info about other Flame modules on official site here ; 

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