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piątek, 21 stycznia 2022

Setonix Synth releases 2 new modules Macropod -Variable Bandwidth VCF and Rottnest -SSI2131 VCO/LFO



The Rottnest is a new oscillator design based around the FatKeys SSI2131 VCO chip, featuring five different waveforms, extensive control inputs and superlative performance as both an audio VCO and as an LFO.

Features include:

-Highly accurate and stable 1V / Octave tracking over 10 octaves

-Three different frequency ranges: Hi, Lo, and Super Lo!

-Six different waveforms available: Ramp / Saw, Triangle, Pulse, and 1-Fold and 2-Fold Complex (based on CGS52 Lockhart Wavefolder)

-LED indication of cycle stage

-Hard and soft sync

-Pulse width control and PWM CV input (5V min-max)

This is a listing for a fully built and calibrated module. Please refer to our Documentation page for all usage instructions, and please allow up to 1 week for processing of built 4U modules.

Price: € 175

Macropod Variable Bandwidth VCF

The SetonixSynth Macropod is a space-friendly and highly functional Variable Bandwidth VCF based around the AS3350. Along with extensive control of a somewhat rare filter topology, the Macropod comes heavy with several features previously excluded from the two best-known filters of this type (the Serge VCF2 and Buchla 291): Resonance control, onboard Notch output, and a “squared -off "distorted output. Verily, the Macropod can sit alongside these legendary filters and not just replicate the functionality, but exceed it!


-Knob and CV control for Central Frequency, Bandwidth and Resonance

-Separate 1V / Oct frequency inputs for each filter stage

-Two audio inputs

-Six filter outputs: HP, 2x BP, Variable Notch (Band Reject), Variable Bandwidth, Distorted Variable Bandwidth

Price: € 200

More info here:

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