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niedziela, 18 kwietnia 2021

Segmentum Modular introduces 3 new modules like SEPAGE dual 4-stage envelope generator,Slit frequency divider and MASHUP 3 stereo channel audio mixer


SEPAGE is a simple dual 4-stage envelope generator with independently adjustable ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN,

and RELEASE stages. LEDs are output indicators and illuminate according to the output level. The ADSR outputs can be used to control the amplitude of an oscillator, the cutoff frequency of a filter or any other function on a module that

accepts control voltages.

Runs off +/- 12v standard eurorack power supply.

Width: 6HP

Depth: 25mm

Current: 48mA @ + 12V / 12mA @ -12V

Price $ 69

Slit v.2
Slit is a frequency divider for clock. The clock divider analyses an incoming clock and divides it by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. The low/high levels of the output signals are 0V and about +10V. 
Each divisor has a separate gate output and their activities are displayed with individual LEDs. 
A trigger impulse at the reset input zeroes the entire module.

Runs off +/-12v standard eurorack power supply.

Width: 4HP 
Depth: 25mm 
Current: 15mA@+12V /0mA@-12V 

Price $49 

MASHUP is a simple 3 stereo channel audio mixer. 
All stereo inputs with simultaneous volume adjustment on both channels and mute. 
Total mix Left and Right outputs available on separate jacks. 
AC coupled inputs.

Runs off +/-12v standard eurorack power supply. 

Width: 6HP 
Depth: 55mm 
Current: 130mA@+12V /15mA@-12V

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