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środa, 17 lutego 2021

Miguel Garcia Blanca Synamodec Interview '' I like the best when a client asks me for something very rare that is nowhere to be found ''


Synamodec is a Spanish company founded via Miguel Garcia Blanca and Synamodec makes completely handmade eurorack modules in old style design like the 70's vintage modular synths and full Compact Synths and custom functions to order.

Synamodec offers over 25 eurorack modules desktop synthesizers and custom synthesizers, you can contact the available contacts to order your unique custom-made module (  Here you can suggest any change you want in your order in terms of electronics, jacks, measurements, color, button etc. ) or select the available variants.

I talked to Miguel about his concept on the company, his eurorack modules and custom synthesizers and creating old style synthesizers .

Hello miguel tell me how did your adventure with eurorack modules and synthesizers start? 

Well, it was my brother-in-law who had already been working with modules and 

synthesizers for some time and he encouraged me to build something for him,

 he also commented that maybe I could sell some of these modules on the internet, 

this will be six years ago, and I did so, I built him a couple of compact synths 

and I was encouraged to put up a website and sell modules and custom synths

You run your company yourself, is Synamodec a team?

Well, I started alone, I did everything myself, electronic panels, assembly, etc., 

but now there are three of us, Javier takes care of everything that is digital design,

 when necessary, as well as the design of panels and also the pcb for the new range 

that we are about to take out, synamodec blue, marco is in charge of the construction 

of furniture cases custom boxes and racks, and I who design, I build all the analog part

we are a team, but very small for now

Nowadays you only make old-style modules like moog used to create them, no plate printing, all the work is done by hand.

why did you choose this approach?

I was very attracted to the idea mainly in two issues, I wanted my modules to be

 fully customizable, and being so they were built by hand, I don't know, it is 

something that makes them different from the rest, I really like the artisan and

 handmade work

This is more of your personal approach, but do you want to make the typical smd plates with printing as a product without adding unique features to order?

Well, now as I said, we are going to release a new range of modules in that line,

 more compact and wireless, they will be synamodec blue modules, not customizable,

 but of course we will keep synamodec as the main one and the possibility of 

customizing everything, too. we are going to release another range of products,

 they are compact and small synthesizers, dedicated to harsh noise and drone.

You make eurorack modules but also synthesizers.

we are about to go to the modules but can you tell me more about your synthesizers?

are they also things with a complete approach to the client "personal synths" or standard regular products?

I like that my compact synthesizers are personalized on request, since you will never

 know which modules wants to include a client, I can tell you that the orders that I

 have had none are the same as another, always different, the photos of the compact 

synthesizers of the web are just examples, the client can always ask what they want 

their synthesizer to contain, different will be the new range of compact and 

semi-modular synthesizers that we are about to release, dedicated as I told you

 to harsh noise and drone

How long does such a project take with the client?

is it harder work then because you have to be flexible for each new task?

Well, it depends on the project and the number of commissions it has, 
normally a module like the quad envelope for example takes a week to build, but if,
 as I told you, I have more commissions it will take a little longer, normally
 I don't wait to finish one to start another, but I combine time and thus I am able
 to carry several projects at the same time

Prefer to focus on modules or synthesizers?

both are attractive to me, and what I really like the most is when a client asks me

 for something very rare, which he finds nowhere, and I feel very good when I am able 

to build that device that he cannot find and in the end with it mine satisfies your needs

But they are both small and large projects when looking at your website ... you have quite a large assortment, over 20 modules and a few synths on offer right?

hahaha, well, if it is not something extremely rare and complicated, yes, 
it could be said that we are capable of building very complex synthesizers with
 infrequent resources, and of course at the aesthetic level the client decides, 
color, type of material, knobs, distribution , shape etc

Let's see this Dream Set II synthesizer .. the description says This is another magnificent example of how far we can go by customizing a synthesizer, everything was chosen by the client (modules, layout, cabinet, knobs, jacks and their distribution, etc.) It consists of a CV with piezos, LFO, VCO, VCF, ANALOG DELAY, MIX / DIVIDER, PULSAR ATTENUATORS (AURA, DIMENSION, CREATOR, PSDLY), RING MODULATOR, CV EXPANDER, CVLFO VCA, DADSR, PHONES.

I have special affection for those synthesizers that you mention, because they were

 my first creations, they are very basic, they have VCO, LFO, VCF, NOISE and

 little else, as I told you now I prefer that the client tell me that they want

 it to contain theirs and then build it

There are also DDL-SS1 and DDL-SS2 and DND-SS1.

can you say something about these synthesizers? what's the difference and to whom would you recommend the small compact synthesizers?

Actually these small compact synthesizers were created for people who start in this

 world of synthesis, I think that at the beginning it is better to face a panel with 

few knobs and very very basic, to better understand little by little how all this works,

 for a Novice it can be very hard to start with a modular system of three floors and 30 modules, which does not mean that these small synthesizers can be used by very 

expert and very professional musicians, they sure take good advantage of it

Ok so some about your line modules.

there are two VCOs in the modules, one is VCO Linear and VCO 1oct, what is the difference between these two oscillators?

A linear VCO as its name indicates progresses in frequency linearly, that is to say,

 double input level of CV double frequency, triple CV input triple frequency and so on,

 these VCOs do not respond to the 1v / oct parameter, they are used to noises, 

environments and others, but they are not valid for melodic sequences, on the contrary,

 a 1v / oct vco has an exponential progression, according to the 1v / oct scale,

 and this type of oscillator can be connected to a keyboard, sequencer, etc.

Your filter VCF (voltage controlled filter) 12 dB / Oc. Was it inspired by some filter or is it your completely unique project?

also can you tell us more about the Filter Settings Change Control function?

I designed the filter inspired by the Moogs of the 70s,
 I wanted a powerful sound, when I design a circuit then I like to mount it provisionally 
on the breadboard, and see how it sounds, then I change components, values etc, 
until I find the sound I am looking for It is actually very funny, 
the control changes were commissioned by a client who wanted it, what it does is 
to be able to choose between two values ??of capacitors in the filter network and thus
 a very original sound change is achieved

Looking further at your modules, you also have a Triple LFO or Quad VCA and Quad Envelope.

did you want to add something for quadraphones or just provide more complex tools in one module?

how important are multi-functional modules like those in your system? 

Well, I just thought that it is more affordable to buy a quadruple module 

than to buy four independent modules, also I usually do it only with modules 

that normally have several in a system, such as VCA, envelope etc.

There will also be a large Pulsar module.

what is he can you describe its meaning exactly? 

The pulsar is a complex and very experimental module, I designed it by doing 

many tests until I got that I liked the sound, the aura and creator block are

 two signal modifiers that act in series, creating harmonics, and I put a lot 

of cv inputs, dimension is a modified filter playing with the lp, hp, and bp outputs

 and adding them strategically also with cv and the fourth block are two small delays

 that can be configured in series or in parallel, in any case I am redesigning this

 module and it will appear in the new synamodec blue range

But there are also classic modules like LFO or ADSR

Do you prefer everyone also have access to single functions with a classic approach or do you prefer to expand it with a quad envelope?

It's not about what I prefer, it's about what the client prefers,

It is what I think makes us different from other manufacturers, 

that we can always customize any module according to their demands 

and we can always do it to the client's taste

STEALAES is a phase sfiter module but it also offers Delay functions next to it. It can be used separately and together.

is this supposed to be a comprehensive solution for adding delay to a sound, or maybe this delay has more relevance to modularity when using phase shifter? 

If they can be used separately, or almost, I actually thought about making a phaser

 something more functional and that's why I came up with adding the delay,

 both devices together achieve a very particular and powerful sound

In fact, this system seems powerful as a whole.

you wasted no time and you even designed Noise modules like Noisemaker.

what sets this module apart, as the description says Weird Percussion.

is it important to have such a module, is it aimed at seekers of brand new undiscovered percussion quirks?

Well yes, exactly, I wanted that more than creating a percussive sound like snare

 or hihat, it was the user who created his own sound, also having the possibility 

of obtaining strange and attractive sounds

Has anyone used your entire system?

do you work on it yourself or will you focus only on building?

I have built very complex systems of up to two and three floors with more than 

20 modules and the response from users has always been very positive, 

of course I personally use my modules and synths to make my music, 

so yes, 

I build the modules and I also use them

What can you expect from such a large Synamodec system?

when i'm looking for a really vintage sound, but would you also like people looking for some new tones?

which modules would you consider newer and not suitable for the vintage series? 

I do not want to be branded as making only vintage modules and sounds,

 I am open to everything, to new ideas, the phantom is a very very current 

and original lfo that is not vintage at all, we are also preparing new modules,

 sequencers / dividers of trigg and gate, as well as compact synthesizers to make 

drone and harsh noise, all of this will be available very soon on our website 

which we will soon update with all the changes and news that we are preparing

How would you rate the market today?

  Do the modules created in the classic style have a chance in the new world, does it really have to appeal to vintage sound enthusiasts and old modules and it will find a less trusted group? 

I think the market is very wide and you can find everything, I see many things 

that I like a lot and others not so much, for example I do not like those expensive

 modules that more than modules look like computers, that do everything and you can 

control everything from a computer, I think that the purity of what a modular system is 

with this kind of devices is lost a bit, and not only do you have to look for a vintage

 or current sound, you have to find everything and mix the modules in your system, 

I think that is the beauty of this world

In the end you still want to leave as build to order?

but do you prefer to bring something new from the production line?

How do you see the future of synamodec and the development of your company? 

As I have already announced synamodec is going to take a great evolutionary leap,

 we are going to maintain the construction of custom devices and cases, 

but we are creating two new sections, synamodec blue will offer non-modifiable modules,

 with more elaborate construction, smaller and without wiring 

and the second section will be dedicated to pedals and compact synthesizers for

 harsh noise and drone, these will be customizable and we will start with the synadrone

 and the astrogorus, I have to say that this evolution has been thanks to the invaluable

 help and collaboration of Javier Pitarch, a great musician, designer and best person,

 we are both very excited about all these creations and reforms that we are doing

For order modules Contact ( or whatsApp (649265700)

More info about the modules can be found on the official website here:

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