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poniedziałek, 19 października 2020

XOR Electronics introduces another big update 1.22v for Nerdseq add functions like 4 FM operators, Wavefolder, 8 envelope generator and many more !


Xor Electronics introduces another big update 1.22v for Nerdseq its Tracker in the eurorack module.

This time, this station hides an even bigger machine for cv sequencing, modularity and sample management, now it expands even more as Xor Electronics also introduces 4 FM opaearators to this station and more functions like wavefolder or up to 8 envelope generators and many many more ..

More info here on forum about Firmare :

Here are most of the changings / additions:


- added 8 ADSR envelopes with advanced settings 'behind' the automator screen

- many sources and destinations

- One Shot, AD-SR and Loop mode. (AD when the Gate is set, SR when it is released)

- Envelope chaining possible


- added envelope 'mirror' for automators with Offset, Invert, AMP and bitrate 1..12 bit

  clones one of the selected envelopes actually into the automators

- updated CV input for automators, added Offset, Invert, AMP, Bitrate 1..12bit

- updated bitrate/quantisation to a finer resolution for all automators

- removed back function in LFO settings (obsolete)

- added pulse wave to the LFO


- changed input calibration and autocalibration for a more precise response (Inputs need new calbration!!!)

- added 'New Project' function

- replaced old screensaver with a new fancy one

- Added ** in the sequencer screen which is to stop a pattern (shift delete on empty spot)

- added change to another pattern in pattern screen by holding the pattern button and navigating (navigates through the order in sequencer screen)

- fixed CV input sampling bug (occasional CV input drops)

- fixed note transpose for non-note values

- added 'set' Patch in pressing SHIFT+OK in patch screen

- added envelope FX functions to CV/Gate track

- added SHIFT UP/DOWN function to marked pattern Nerd Menu to shift all marked values up or down with wrap around

- added patternlength function for editing and playing (default patternlength in setup menu)

- updated euclidean and random jump to work within patternlength

- changed flip row, random order etc from nerd menu to work with marked area instead of the whole row

- added autobackup and special screen in case of crashing (which hopefully will never happen)

- Added default groove settings (setup screen) for new patterns

- Added probability for the whole sequencer row

- Fixed possible bad probability seed

- Updated current values settings, added Current value for Midi and Audio tracks

- changed behaviour to get into screens so it is 'the same everywhere' :

   for all tracks, if you press the patch button you will get into the current values screen. If you press it again you will get to the track setup (and the other way around).  Of course except for if you selected a patch.

- added 'Hold SHIFT+STOP" double request before stopping sequencer (enable in setup)

- fixed track transpose saving

- added max Mainclock steps (amount of steps for the baseclock)

- fixed navigation wrap so it works for all track types

Audio / Sample / Synth

- Added FM 4 Operator synth engine

- updated volume and bitcrush resolution to 256 instead of 128

- reduced sample memory to 190000 byte (needed more memory) Sorry here, still around 4 seconds. I tried to get as little as possible but still being future proof. 

- added basic wavefolder function/effect

- added lofi delay function (per track)

- added sample glide functions

- added automator FX, envelope fx + glide + wavefold + delay settings for sample FX

- added gate off function (beside sample/wave off) to allow a envelope release. (shift+delete is either note/sample/wave off or gate off as 2nd function)

- added function to clone the audio from Track 7 to Track 8. So a nice stereo field can be generated when using different delay values.

- renamed sample tracks to 'Audio'

- changed audio retrigger so a value of 00 would retrigger the envelope

- added double stop track function to stop waveforms from the current track 

- added set waveform/sample as sample FX


- fixed missing decrements for CV16 standard FX values

- Fixed current values which didn't show the modular tracks but the CV16 instead


- delete in drummatrix deletes only the current drum and not the whole row anymore

- fixed trigger16 random and overrule functions for FX columns

- Trigger16 drummatrix triggers are now also visible in the regular T16 columns.


- Simple Midi debug in the record/input screen. Shows note midi data first byte on top

- Fixed samples so a waveform would also trigger from Midi

- fixed pitchbend from midi so it works also when not recording

- bugfix for midi active sensing

- fixed note delete for midi track (velocity was missing)

- Fix: editsteps work also for midi step change of notes


- major rework of the tables

- added change to another table from the table screen (hold table button and then cursor up/down)

- added some pattern handling for tables (new table etc)

- Added new table functions for random, scaling, chords, not allowed notes etc (this allows indeed scaling of your main sequence)

- rewrite and timing fix for tables

- added table tick source from sequencer function (SPFX)

- Added CV input as table source

- Added Automators as table source

- fixed table editing

- Added nerd menu for table screen to release tables

- added Table presets to nerd menu to add different tables like doubles, triplets, different chords...

- enabled compact table functions which releases empty and unused tables

- added Table screen animation

- added Table functions for audio tracks (samples/waveforms)

- added backwards and pingpong Table features

- Added animation for tables

manual for the firmware is on the forum .. check and read if you did it right and enjoy the new features of the Nerdseq sequencer!!!

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