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niedziela, 20 września 2020

Eventide releases a new Blackhole Reverb pedal


Eventide Audio releases a new Blackhole Reverb Pedal.

Transcend typical reverb sounds and explore unique soundscapes with the Eventide Blackhole reverb pedal. Create massive drones with two different types of Infinite reverb, allowing you to layer sounds over a suspended reverb tail. Dial in modulation for multi-voice, chorus-like animation. Hi and Lo tone controls make it easy to fine-tune the reverb effect for any sound source. And while the Blackhole's pedal format makes it perfect for adventurous guitarists, its switchable instrument/line level operation is ready for your keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, or even your DAW. Complete with a software manager that makes it easy to create and save custom patches, a lifetime of sonic exploration awaits in the Eventide Blackhole reverb pedal.

Unique reverb effects for guitar, synthesizers, drum machines, and more

The Eventide Blackhole pedal — based on their acclaimed Blackhole reverb plug-in — goes far beyond traditional reverb effects. A dedicated Freeze footswitch allows you to suspend the reverb tail indefinitely as you layer new sounds on top. Map an expression pedal (sold separately) to the tone controls to add subtle movement to the reverb, manipulate the Feedback control to enter psychedelic territory, or make your dry signal dissolve into the reverb tail. With selectable instrument/line level input, and stereo outputs, the Eventide Blackhole pedal is ready for any audio signal you want to throw at it.

Eventide Blackhole Reverb Effects Pedal Features:

Based on the acclaimed Blackhole reverb plug-in

Explore a wide range of non-traditional reverb effects, from small spaces to infinite drones

Two types of infinite reverb allow you to suspend the reverb tail and layer sounds over it

Advanced modulation generates vibrant, animated reverb effects

Five user presets can be accessed instantly anytime

On/off footswitch can be set for either latching or momentary operation

Supports external control via MIDI and expression pedal

Switchable instrument/line level input is ready for guitars, keyboards, synths, drum machines, DAW tracks, and practically any other sound source

Multiple bypass options include Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX, and Kill Dry

Create and manage your presets with the Eventide Device Manager for Mac and PC

Price $279.00 

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