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środa, 8 lipca 2020

Pittsburgh Modular releases SV-1b Modular Synthesizer

Pittsburgh Modular has introduced the SV-1b Modular Synthesizer, a major update to their all-in-one SV-1 synth design.

They say that they’ve improved the stability and functionality of the design, calling the result “the East Coast analog monster to beat.”

It’s available in two formats:

The Lifeforms SV-1b is a module, designed to be mounted in a Eurorack case
The Lifeforms SV-1b Blackbox is a complete, standalone desktop format modular synthesizer.
It features a variety of synthesis modules, including a MIDI/Arpeggiator, dual oscillators, a dual mixer, filter, envelope generator, VCA, and a variety of other synthesis tools.

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1b is available now for $599 (Eurorack module) or for $699 in a standalone version.

More info here :

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