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środa, 20 maja 2020 releases Rhythm Composer rhythm box (BAR) for modular synthesizers in format Eurorack, Dotcom, Stand-alone.

The Rhythm Composer is a rhythm box (BAR) for modular synthesizers.

The module allows all percussion modules to be interfaced by Trigs or CVs without producing sounds itself. It is also possible to interface with any physical expander or software via the MIDI DIN or MIDI USB connection in order to use MIDI Drum kits.

This Rhythm box can be controlled by an internal, or external, or MIDI clock.

Three formats are possible: EURORACK, DOTCOM, Stand-alone.


- 8 instruments assignable by step.

- 80 steps in pattern mode.

- 192 steps distributed over 8 sequencers in Polyrhythm mode.

- 8 independent instrument outputs (Trig)

- 4 Control Voltage (CV) outputs between 0 and 8V assignable to an instrument, continuous or pulse

- 1 permanent BPM output

- Start, Stop, Pause possible in manual (button) or by external trigger, or via Midi

- Internal clock, or TAP button, or external, or MIDI.

- 9 scrolling modes (front, rear, ping-pong, Brownien 1, Brownien 2, Random, "+3 -2", "+3 -1", Strong Quarter)

- Pattern order of grids: ABCD, A, B, C, D, Break, AB, CD, ABC, Random

- Maximum length of polyrhythm sequencers: Seq_1 at 5 = 16 steps, Seq_6 and Seq_7 = 32 steps, Seq_8 = 48 steps

- Integrated functions: Copy A-> BCD / Br, Random filling, Zoom, Rotation of steps in the pattern.

- Multiplication of tempo: / 4, / 2, x1, x2, x4.

- Swing, Blank.

- Editing rhythm names

- Save / Live playback of rhythms in eeprom.

- Break trigger: at the end of the patterns, at the end of the current measure, at the next black note, immediately.

- MUTE / SOLO for each instrument (pattern mode) or each sequencer (polyrhythm mode).

- Direct editing of patterns / sequencers by the keyboard on the front.

- Adjustable length of TRIGs,

- a signal output on a step to be defined.

- MIDI: Selectable instrument number, Velocity of each adjustable instrument, Synch24 (IN or OUT depending on clock source), adjustable channel

- MIDI: ACCENT available from instrument number 2.

- MIDI connectors: MIDI IN (synch24), MIDI OUT, MIDI USB

- 2x16 character LCD screen display,

- Save in EEPROM: 280 patterns mode rhythms (200 for user), 100 polyrhythm mode rhythms.

- Security backup and update on SD-CARD

- Save / Play = Pattern order (pattern mode), Instrument on / off, CV, Velocity, Swing rate, Blank rate, sequencer length (polyrhythm)

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