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czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2020

Noise Lab announces 6 New Analog Eurorack Modules

Noise Lab is a newly founded synthesizer company based in Stockholm, Sweden.  currently working on a product line of great sounding instruments for musicians and sound designers.
After spending many late night hours designing, soldering and testing,  now finally ready to get some gear out of the door. The first six Eurorack modules are right now being produced and will be available in Q2 of 2020. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Prime Mover

Prime Mover is an advanced and versatile Voltage Controlled Oscillator based on the renowned CEM3340 chip. Four primary sound outputs generates Saw, Triangle, Pulse and Sine while individual wave shapers, one for each waveform, expands the sonic possibilities even further. All wave shapers are simultaneously controlled by the Wave Cycle knob and can be animated using an external CV source. The fifth output provides a sub octave Square signal, one or two octaves below the main pitch.

Prime Mover is typically controlled by an 1 V/Octave CV signal, covering 10 octaves with less than 3 cents pitch deviation. With its six position rotary switch, octave transposition is a breeze. Separate inputs for Hard and Soft Sync and a Frequency Modulation input with a selectable Linear or Exponential response. And finally, a dedicated output to pass on the CV signal - quite handy when you want to hook up a second oscillator. And yes, almost forgot; portamento/glide is built-in so you can save your Slew module for other stuff.

Waveforms: Saw - Double Saw | Triangle - Folded Triangle
Pulse - Double pulse | Sine - Folded Sine | Sub Squares  -1 /-2 octaves

Price: 3500 SEK /€335


The Wrinkler consists of a primary wavefolder circuit and a secondary “creaser”, both controllable via knobs and CV. Generally wave folders only work with low harmonic content such as Sine or Triangle waves but this one comes with circuitry which can fold and wrinkle ANY waveform you feed into it, including square waves! An offset function adds some extra sonic abilities to the mix. The Wrinkler also got two outputs; one with the folded signal and one with a “squarified” pulse train which is perfect for creating harsh, metallic, and “digital sounding” waveforms.

When folding a waveform you'll add a lot of harmonic content to it although the fundamental will eventually get weaker. Noise Lab's Wrinkler let you blend the input sound with the folded content through the DRY LEVEL knob, thus preserving the low frequencies (fundamental) of the original sound.

Price : 2500 SEK /€240


Interpolating scanner
The Fourcaster is a unique 4-channel crossfader a.k.a. interpolating scanner. Once you start working with it, you'll soon discover how you can create very complex sounds simply by fading between sources. In short; you mix four separate input signals, manually or by control voltage. When turning the central knob (Channel Scan), each input fades (morph) from one to the next completely seamless. Or even better, have an envelope generator or LFO do the job for you. A LED-light beside each channel clearly indicate which one is active. By adding some Lag to the CV input signal you can slow down the transition. Infact, you can even feed it with a GATE signal but still get a smooth fade through all channels. The All Chan knob controls all channels simultaneously, expanding the sound shaping capabilities even further. The window knob basically let you expand the the transition window a bit between the channels.

Usually you set out with a single waveform, process it through filters, a VCA and some effects. With the Fourcaster your sounds evolve over time, creating a sequential composite of sounds. And yes of course, it’s analog.

Width: 12HP

Price: 2200 SEK /€210


 Dual mode filter
The Beautifier is a flexible OTA based filter, featuring a lowpass/bandpass switch and a selectable slope of 24db and 12dB. Two attenuated CV inputs for frequency cutoff and resonance. The filter self-oscillates at a given point and can be driven quite hard if you crank up the gain. All in all, a versatile analog workhorse with a lot of character; from smooth and creamy to quite raw and screamy.

Width: 12HP

1700 SEK /€165


 Envelope Generator
A general purpose Envelope Generator with three outputs (one inverted ) and three time ranges. From short and snappy (50 msec) to several minutes long contour curves. Four knobs control the ADSR behaviour which also can be re-triggered/looped simply by the flip of a switch. In LOOP mode, Attack and Decay knobs determine the CV contour. Input requires a GATE signal of +5V. Voltage outputs range from 0 to +10V, inverted 0 to -10V.

Width: 8HP

Price: 1300 SEK /€125

 Dual VCA
Two independent amplifiers with linear response, typically used for controlling audio amplitude or voltages. It can also be employed as a signal splitter (VCA 2 is normaled to the output of VCA 1). Works great to create ring-modulator sounds as well with CV control over both audio and CV signals.

This VCA has been designed to work with voltage peaks spanning from 5V to 10V. A general analog envelope generator typically produce a positive peak at +10V but if it’s digital you often only get +5V. The Mod Level amplifies or attenuates the CV signal and the overall amplification is therefore determined by the combination of the Mod Level and Out Level knobs.

Width: 8HP

Price : 1300 SEK /€125

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