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poniedziałek, 6 kwietnia 2020

Elta Music Big Ambient Machine Now Available To Pre-Order

Elta Music has shared new photos and details for their Solar 50 Big Ambient Machine, a new 10-voice, 50 oscillator synthesizer.

Elta Music describes the Solar 50 as a “performance oriented analogue electronic music instrument”, inspired by early electronic musical developments of the last century, particularly Leon Theremin’s Harmonium.

The Solar 50’s design is not designed to be used like a regular polysynth, but to explore more electroacoutic/experimental territory.

You play the Solar 50 via touch pad controllers. It also offers a variety of CV inputs, which can can connect to modular gear.

The Solar 50 features 10 voices. Each voice consists of 5 simple saw oscillators (2 low, 2 middle, 1 high) with a pitch controller and a mute button.

The Solar 50’s Effector Block supports effects cartridges, each of which offers 3 effects. 12 cartridges are available, which offer delay, pitch delay, reverb, shimmer, tremolo, chorus, flanger, phaser and filter effects.  These are based on the popular Spin Semiconductor FV-1 platform, so programmers can also create their own custom effects.


120 control pot’s
114 switches
50  CV – minijack’s
10 photo sensor modulation blocks
10 voices per 5 oscillators inch voice
50 saw oscillators
CV – effects cartridge  processor
12 dB analog  CV-Filter
Envelope follower/ gate detector
Two independent  LFO’s
Contact microphone
Headphones amp
12 sensor keys
AUDIO  connectors 6,3 mm JACK’s
External audio input
External guitar/mic input
Two  DRY outputs
Wet output

The Elta Music Solar 50 is expected to be available starting in June. It’s available to pre-order for 990 Euro (or dollar equivalent).

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