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wtorek, 4 lutego 2020

OIIIAudio Technologies introduces new module Spring Reverb Tank

Spring Reverb Tank module is Classic Spring Reverb which allows you to define the spring load level in two modes, control the Dry/Wet parameter externally and has two audio inputs.

A spring reverb is perhaps the only affordable and convenient analog way to get reverb.

Half a century ago, in order to get a reverb effect, sound engineers installed a speaker in a room with the necessary characteristics, applied sound to it and recorded what happened (along with reflections of the room itself) onto a microphone located in the same room. It was inconvenient and not available for both professionals and small private studios. Also, the problem of obtaining the effect of large rooms or artificial spaces remained unresolved. The problem was to get a more compact device that could be used during recording and transported if necessary.

As a result, engineers came up with different ways to obtain the reverb effect: from large metal containers to the reuse of magnetic tapes and reverberation plates, popular in those days among sound engineers.

One of these experiments was a spring reverb, the principle of which is based on the supply of an amplified sound signal (which is converted into an electromagnetic signal) to one end of a stretched spring and removing the distorted signal from the other end of the spring. The effect itself is deep, unusual and reliable, the device turned out to be compact, and the method for producing such a sound is completely analog. More info about Spring Reverb you can learn on WIKI article: Spring_reverberators

As a result, only a distorted signal (Wet) is removed from the spring. And in order for the instrument to sound as if it is located in some space, the distorted signal must be mixed with the main signal in the right ratio, which is the basis of the driver functions and is controlled not only by the drive handle but also by using an external control signal. Also, as an additional module for getting complex CV is the most effective device is a Mixer-Distributor by OIIIAUDIO Technologies.

The effect itself is subtle with non-linear frequency susceptibility and sounds clearly in the frequency ranges determined by the characteristics of the spring.

This synthesizer module is a classic spring reverb that contains a spring reverb tank and a voltage-controlled driver.
The driver circuit makes it possible to determine the load level of the spring in two modes (normal and extreme) and has two isolated audio inputs. The level of the Dry-Wet parameter is determined by the corresponding knob and controlled by an external voltage.

Features of the Spring Reverb module:

2 independent Audio Inputs
External Dry-Wet controllable
Normal and Extreme spring load modes

Format: Eurorack
Power supply: + -12V (IDC 10-pin)
Size: 10HP

Price $245.00

More info here :

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