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środa, 29 stycznia 2020

United Plugins Verbum Entropic Hall lets you turn up the legendarism

United Plugins Verbum Entropic Hall

 United Plugins is adding another one Reverb.

 While Verbum Entropic Hall isn’t an emulation of any particular hardware unit, the developer says that it’s designed as a universal reverb with a “hardware feel”.
The plug-in’s photo-realistic GUI offers the traditional reverb controls like pre-delay, decay and dry/wet, and then some. There’s a width knob for controlling the reverb’s stereo width, a colour control for analogue saturation and a knob that sets the balance of early reflections and the reverb tail. The awesomely labeled Legendarism knob adds a “special simulation process” for enriching the sound with the colour of legendary reverbs.
United Plugin says that Verbum Entropic Hall features an “advanced late reflections treatment algorithm”, which ensures that the reverb doesn’t sound sterile or artificial. The late reflections are controlled with four knobs: size, predelay, damp and lush. According to the developer, the lush parameter “softens and smoothes the reverb sound”. HP and LP filters and an LFO for modulation are among the other features of the plug-in. And just in case you’re looking for the sound of vintage digital reverbs, there’s a 12-bit button, which emulates old AD/DA converters.
Price and compatibility

United Plug-ins Verbum Entropic Hall is now available from the company’s website. 

During the 15-day introductory period, the plug-in costs EUR 69. 
The regular price will be EUR 119.
The plug-in runs on Windows 8 or newer and macOS 10.10 or newer. It comes in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (32/64 bit).

More info here :
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