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sobota, 18 stycznia 2020

Qu-Bit reveals Aurora, Data Bender, Surface and Cascade modules


A spectral reverb with true stereo in/out it features a lush reverb, a phase vocoder and the ability to freeze the input signal in time or pitch via a button or Gate input. Reverb can be wound up to infinity if you want. Scheduled for April at $299.
Data Bender

This is inspired by the sound of skipping CDs, software bugs and broken tape machines. It can hold up to 5 minutes of stereo audio and do rather unpleasent things with it. Should be here in May for $349.

Multi-timbral physical modelling voice that produces sounds from plucked strings and marimbas to FM drums. Each model has it’s own stereo output and up to 8 unique voices can be active at one time. Could be here by March for $299.

Ratcheting envelope generator with burst generation, flexible curve parameter and two discrete level controls. You can freeze the output voltage via a button or Gate input. It can handle ASR, ADSR, dual AD and gravity-based bouncy-ball modes. You’ll have to wait until June at $199.

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