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piątek, 8 listopada 2019

Ritual Electronics announces new module Anima ,Dual voltage controlled segments generator ,LFO ,Digital Oscillator .

Ritual Electronics released new module Anima ,Dual voltage controlled segments generator ,LFO ,Digital Oscillator and more in one .

Anima draws its roots in the “west coast” analog function generators and updates them in the digital realm. 
This take allows for extremely precise 1V/Oct tracking (10+ octaves) when in cycling mode, and for the control of the rising and falling segments (aka attack and decay) curves without affecting timing + a few more tricks.

The 1V/Oct input turns Anima into a very capable digital dual oscillator - when in cycle mode - with two types of frequency modulation and voltage controlled waveform crossfading. Cross patching is highly recommended for harsh mayhem synthesis!

The Curve parameter goes well beyond the usual Lin/Log control. It morphs smoothly between several curvatures (including the classic log, lin and exp) without affecting the rising and falling times.

For maximum versatility each channel of Anima has an output polarity switch, making it 0 to +8V in unipolar mode or -5 to 5V in bipolar mode, suitable for audio or bipolar CV generation.

Controls (per channel)

-Curve (from log to lin to exp with bell and notch in between)
-Attack (from 0.5ms to 40s)
-Decay (from 0.5ms to 40s)
-Dedicated attenuverters for each control
-AD / ASR / LFO switch
-Unipolar / Bipolar output switch (0/+8V or -5/+5V)
-1V/Oct input (tracks 10+ octaves)
-EOC output (5ms trig at the end of decay/release phase)

Technical characteristics

-Digital high precision core
-USB port for future firmware updates / variations / hacks

Price €310 in pre-order .

The module will be ready to dispatch in November.

More information here :

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