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czwartek, 21 listopada 2019

AJH Synth Precision Voltages is now available

This year, AJH Synth announced 3 new modules like Lunar Module, Minimod Precision Voltages and Entropic Doom Noisillator modules, the first of which Precision Voltages  is now available and delivered to other dealers and distributors.

Eurorack modular synthesisers use the Volts per Octave standard for pitch control, where a change of exactly one Volt in pitch CV results in an exact one octave change in pitch from the oscillators. Even small inacurracies in voltage can lead to quite large changes in pitch, so for transposition and control voltage addition it is important to have a very accurate voltage source and adder to keep everything in tune.

The Precision Voltages can be used as a super accurate voltage source, voltage adder or both at the same time. It has two channels to which voltages representing Octaves and Notes can be added or subtracted. If there is no input to a channel then it behaves as is a voltage source, or if an input is added to that channel then it becomes a very accurate voltage summer that can add a precise voltage to the incoming voltage.

Channel A also allows an external Gate signal to be used to turn on and off voltage addition while still passing the input signal to the output unchanged. We also have a useful Combination Mode, where channel B can be added or subtracted from Channel A.

A calibration output is also included which has an accuracy of +/-0.5mV so that it can be used instead of expensive test equipment to calibrate VCO's and similar modules.

Here's an excellent video from Dreams of Wires showing exactly how the precision Voltages module can be used in a performance. Subtitles have been included to give a walk through on exactly how the composition was put together.

The human ear is very sensitve to pitch; when an instrument is even slightly out of tune then (almost!) everyone can hear that something just isn't right. It is therefore very important to have accurate control of oscillator pitch so that we can keep everything in tune. So if we wish to transpose Pitch CV up and down, or add Pitch CV Voltages together then we need an accurate Voltage Source and Adder module so that things don't end up going sharp or flat. The vast majority of general purpose Eurorack modules do not have sufficient precision to achieve this, which is why we have developed the AJHSynth Precision Voltages Module.

In the even tempered musical scale an octave is comprised of 12 chromatic notes, and each note is divided into 100 cents, so there are 1,200 cents per octave. A musician with a trained ear can often discern if an instrument is as little as two or three cents out of tune,

Divisions of voltage are measured in millivolts and there are 1,000mV in a Volt, so one musical cent in this context would correspond to 0.833 mV. Therefore a change of 3 musical cents is only 2.5mV, or one four hundreth of a Volt. It follows from this that we need VERY accurate control of voltages that we use for pitch control in order to keep everything musical.

Size -10 HP

Price : GBP 210.00 inc VAT

More info about Precion Voltage here:

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