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sobota, 28 września 2019

Synamodec announces new module Noise Maker

Synamodec announces new module Noise Maker.

from what he writes on his Fanpage he says:
Hello everyone, I present to you a new module to become a noisemaker, a tool for making all kinds of weird sounds, marcianadas, weird pecusiones and all weird sounds that your imagination can create
It consists of different sound generators, lfo, linear vco, crazy, mixer, frequency multiplier, spatial and vca, but in order not to kiss better, I will give you this video, where I will explain in detail what matters, as well as work and give You can hear it
As you can see in the pictures and it is typical for synamodec there may be different versions, adding or removing parts.

no more technical data was provided and we hope that they will be announced soon.
Synamodec already offers many other modules that you can find here:

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