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wtorek, 13 sierpnia 2019

Tiptop Audio 808 Anniversary Bundle, 6 TR-808 Inspired Eurorack Drum Modules for 50% off the normal price.

Tiptop Audio celebrates the 808 day with the new 808 anniversary bundle with 6 Eurorack drum modules that is inspired by the Roland TR-808 drum machine.

TipTop Audio released the 808 Anniversary bundle with which they celebrate the “808 day”. It features 6 best-known Eurorack drum modules that recreate the sound of the legendary TR-808 drum machine.

With this set of 6 modules, you can build a flexible and CV controlled 808 drum machine into Eurorack.  that bundle is only available for a limited time and you can save up to 50% off the normal price.

Included In The Bundle Are 6 Eurorack Modules:

BD (Bass Drum)
SD (Snare Drum)
HATS (Open and Closed Hi-hats)
CB (Cowbell)
RS (Rimshot/ Clave)
MA (Maraca/ Noise)

Tiptop Audio 808 bundle is available now for 399 (up to 50% OFF the regular price).  Time and supplies are limited.

More info here:

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