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czwartek, 4 lipca 2019

SFEO introduces 3 new modules eurorack- Swinvat / Multi-A / MixR is now available !

SFEO is Handmade eurorack modules
Made in France.
Currently, there are 3 eurorack modules on offer:

Swinvat is two modules in one.
For the upper part a dual active attenuators which can be configured also as attenuverters, disconnected inputs are referenced to +5V.
If output 1 is not connected the signal goes into the second attenuator.
each attenuator has two LEDs for viewing the polarity of the signal. Red=Negative/Green=Positive
For the lower part a multiple 6-way A/Off/B switch with LED incation.

Price : 70€ (excluding shipping costs).

MixR is a 3 inputs mixer it can be used to mix audio and/or cv signal.

Price : 45€ (excluding shipping costs).

Multi-A is a dual buffered multiple, with 1 input to 4 outputs
Each inputs has a bi-color LED to visualize polarity.

Price : 45€ (excluding shipping costs)

More information about this modules here:

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