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wtorek, 9 lipca 2019

Erica Synths released Pico SEQ2, Pico BBD, Pico Noise!

Erica Synths released next Pico series modules like Pico SEQ2, Pico BBD, Pico Noise!

Pico BBD is surprisingly great sounding (we were surprised ourselves), full analogue 4092 stage bucket brigade delay module; the smallest BBD in eurorack. Besides nice and clean flanger and delay effects, at full CW settings of TIME and feedback knobs it can produce extreme sonic artifacts. Tweak knobs and enjoy!
Price € 115.00

Pico SEQ2 is straight-forward, full analogue 4 step sequencer/waveshaper with adjustable sequence length. If you want to have a simple, compact stepped modulation source in your setup, then this is it! Particularly interesting use of the Pico SEQ2 is waveshaping – just apply any audio source to the CLK IN, tweak the knobs and be amazed!

Price € 75.00

Pico NOISE is a versatile noise and percussion sounds source. It consists of white a noise generator, a resonant VCF to generate various colours of the noise – from extremely dark ones to high pitched resonant sweeps and a VCA/decay envelope generator combination to create range of percussion sounds to emulate hi-hats, cymbals and even sine tone-based percussions, when the resonance is full up.

Price € 110.00
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