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wtorek, 10 maja 2022

Flame -TON Melody Looper


"TON" is a 12HP wide Eurorack live sequencer module for creating two note sequences. There are two 1V/octave outputs with GATE/NOTE/VELOCITY.

Notes can also be sent via MIDI. Both note tracks are independent of each other and can be used in different octave spreads.

In addition to the analog connection, the module has full MIDI functionality. It can be synchronized via analogue clock or via MIDI.

The sequencer is designed as a looper. It plays a pattern of up to four bars in a loop. The notes can be played (or deleted) quantized with two buttons.

One button is used for note repeats, another for setting individual events. The pitch is determined by either the potentiometer or the built-in distance sensor.

The sensor works in a range of about 1 to 40 cm and is independent of extraneous light. Even bright sunlight does not affect it.

A 1-octave mini-keyboard allows transposing on the fly and setting a scale.

Since the module has two CV inputs, it can also be used as a two-channel quantizer or arpeggiator.

All settings of the current pattern are simply saved together in a patch. There are 5 banks with 7 seats each (per mini-keyboard) available.

This allows up to 35 patterns to be managed. The patches can also be selected via CV or MIDI program change and can be saved and reloaded on the fly.

The pattern can be manipulated during and after the import with eg: gate length, velocity, random, last step, hold, mute, glide, scale and transposition.

Both tracks can have different settings. With TRACK-Link, however, parameters can also be applied to both tracks at the same time.

This is helpful, for example, with transpositions or duophonic playing.

Flame make the two sequencer modules primarily for live use. In the live rack, space is usually scarce and therefore the modules,
despite the large range of functions, be kept as small as possible. But it was just as important to us to achieve clear operation.
The current designs are a result of these compromises. The equipment with distance sensors is certainly not an unimportant aspect for the stage performance, but it is also a lot of fun in the studio and rehearsal room.

They try to achieve a moderate retail price for both sequencers.
Unfortunately, the component prices are currently rising a lot and can therefore not yet provide any specific information.
Despite the currently difficult situation in the procurement of some components, we hope that the modules will be available from autumn 2022.

More detailed descriptions of the two modules are in progress and will probably be available for download on  website in the second quarter of 2022.

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