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poniedziałek, 22 marca 2021

Pittsburgh Modular introduce 3 new modules in Limited series ''Safari''

 A glimpse into our design process, the Safari modules give Richard and Michael an opportunity to highlight interesting concepts, test ideas for future instruments, and scratch their creative itch. We have built 200 of each of the Series 1 modules and because these designs are meant to be a proof of concept or work in progress, we do not plan on making more. 


How much mixer can you fit in 4hp? Perhaps not groundbreaking analog synthesis research, but we were running low on mixers at the workshop. The Giraffe is an attenuverter version of our 2+2 mixer and can be patched in a multitude of ways.


Black on black and inspired by an afternoon Richard and Michael spent surrounded by a murder of crows at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, the Crow was designed to destroy beautiful sounds. “How far can we push our overdrive circuit?” was the question this module needed to answer, and now we know. Probably further than anyone should ever go.


A pseudo-random shift register research facility along with a peek into the chaotic side of the upcoming Voltage Lab 2, the Gibbon expands on the random shift register concept from original Voltage Research Laboratory with more options and deeper control. Originally inspired by the random source on the Buchla Music Easel, the Gibbon has evolved into it’s own unique species.

Price, Availability, and More Information

The suggested retail price for the complete Synthesis Safari Series 1 is $339, Giraffe is $79, Crow is $149, and Gibbon is $149. The modules are available now through the Pittsburgh Modular web shop. More information for each of the Synthesis Safari Eurorack Modules is available at

More info here :

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