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wtorek, 30 marca 2021

Birdkids intoduced UNICORN BOOM Rev 2 in Limited (Black & Gold) version Analog, discrete Bass Drum. Vactrol-based and Opto Compressor


This is an exclusive, limited edition run of UNICORN BOOM released in 2021

Unicorn Boom 2 - precision milled, anodized, 2mm black aluminium panel with a gold finish Illustration in the Limited Edition style.

UNICORN BOOM is a Eurorack-format, dual function, module.

Its primary function is an hommage to the legendary 808-Kick (discrete circuitry) augmented by a vactrol-based, opto compressor.

UNICORN BOOM is the first product in a series of collaboration projects between birdkids and Wellental.

Who are Wellenvogel?

Wellenvogel is the collaboration between birdkids and Wellental (Vienna based, analog Guru, DI Sebastian Watzinger).

More info here :

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