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czwartek, 31 grudnia 2020

Aeolusseeds and Aeolus mixer from Shakmat Modular are now available in DIY Kits and Full assembled.


Aeolusseeds and Aeolus mixer from Shakmat Modular are now available.

Aeolus Seeds manipulate the dynamics of a fully analog signal path through four VCAs driven by a handy multi channel modulation source.

As well as an obvious tool for quadraphonic spatialisation, Aeolus Seeds is also a useful device for vector synthesis, thanks to its Sum output.

The CV output also pushes the exploration further by providing signals to other modules, enabling you to breathe more life into the sound spatialisation of a quad environment.

Full analog path quadraphonic spatializer 

Price : DIY Kit — 159€*

Ready to use — 259€*

Space merging

Aeolus Mixer is a 6HP quadraphonic unity mixer. Three quadraphonic inputs and two stereo outputs are mixed to provide a quadraphonic output with 5.1 compatibility.

Price :

DIY Kit — 119€*

Ready to use — 159€*

More info here :

If You like read here is extensive Interview with Francois Gaspard from Shakmat Modular

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