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wtorek, 23 czerwca 2020

Patching Panda -Moon Phase Stereo 12dB/octave state variable multimode filter is now available .

Stereo 12dB/octave state variable multimode filter with powerful imaging technique to enhance and alter stereo field.

The resonance behaves differently when stereo imager is open beyond any other filter when you play with the stereo imager control.
With 8 different combinations and span to separate both filters, you increase the possibilities to treat your sounds and open them in the stereo field.

Applying audio rate cv to the stereo imager or span control input and sweeping the cutoff control will create a unique character to the filter.

The resonant peaks can be shifted around the stereo field, every cv input can be modulated up to audio rate frequencies creating a wide palette of sonic combinations.

Price :€272

More info here :
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