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czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2020

TomaTekAudio releases MMVCF-Based on the design of the 12dB Multimode OBx-A filter

MMVCF is a High-end AS3320 based 12dB-per-Octave multi-mode filter module. With separate outputs for Low-Pass, Notch, Band-Pass and High-Pass. Based on the design of the OBx-A filter, but with several tweaks and improvements. 

Audio demos:

MMVCF Audio demo


- CV control over Filter-Cutoff and Resonance, with a fixed V/Oct input, switchable attenuation/attenuversion on the FM-input and attenuation on the Resonance CV input.

- Self-Oscillation with accurate temperature compensated V/Oct tracking over approximately 6 octaves, which allows for a very nice playable sine wave.

- Input gain control with a soft-clipping circuit that kicks in at around the 12o'clock setting, with typical eurorack levels. Allowing for clean tones till unity-gain and soft-clipping and eventually hard-clipping the filter front-end at higher gain settings. When used in conjunction with a VCA before the filter, this will allow for a nice range of extra tones.

- Makes use of high quality parts where applicable (Wima Polypropylene capacitors for timing, Nichicon Bi-polar audio capacitors for ac-coupling, Panasonic and Nichicon electrolytics, Texas Instruments Audio-Grade Opamps and of course ALFA AS3320 filter chip).

- 8HP width.

- Skiff friendly at 35mm deep. 

- Made with love in Amsterdam!

More info here : Tomatek Etsy 

Check also last Tomatek-Audio Matrix-4x2.

Tomatek-Audio Matrix-4x2.

a 4 input 2 output dc-coupled mixer, capable of mixing audio and/or cv sources. The Matrix 4x2 has several uses, including but not limited to: attenuation, inversion, dc-offset, dual cv-mixer, stereo audio-mixer, audio-mixer with effects send/return


- Switchable attenuversion/attenuation per output channel. 

- Switchable dc-offset on input 4: +5V / off / -5V, allows for mixing in dc-offsets.. 

- Bi-polar led on each output channel for signal visualisation. 

- Expansion headers on the back allows for chaining multiple Matrix-4x2 modules. This makes it possible to expand either the inputs and/or the outputs. 

- Makes use of high quality parts where applicable (Panasonic and Nichicon electrolytics and Texas Instruments Audio-Grade Opamps).
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