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czwartek, 23 kwietnia 2020

Erica Synths releases two new modules Fusion series: VCF3 & Modulator

Like talking on the official site '' Vacuum tube madness continues with two new Fusion series modules ''

Erica Synths releases two new modules from Fusion series.

The Fusion VCF3 is resonant 24dB/oct lowpass filter of unique design that combines vacuum tubes and vactrols, providing distinct, soft filtering. For more versatility, the independent audio mixer and buffered multiple is incorporated in the module, and, most importantly – a CV recorder that records motion of the potentiometer, so you can design advanced modulation patterns.

The Fusion Modulator is a complex, all analogue modulation source with lots of distinct features. It consists of several blocks – two EMS Synthi functionality inspired looping envelope generators with simultaneous unipolar (0V-10V) and bipolar (-5V-+5V), VCA, Noise generator and Sample&Hold. This makes Fusion Modulator a versatile modulation source for advanced modular setups, especially drone music oriented ones. Set lopping envelope generators to high frequencies and have two sub bass sound sources, use VCA to control the amplitude of the envelope signal, modulate the decay time by random voltages from S&H circuit and get ever evolving sonic awesomeness!

Price Fusion Modulator € 310.00

Price Fusion VCF3 € 330.00

More info here :

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