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poniedziałek, 30 marca 2020

Rémy Wasselin showed a new analogue synthesizer SYNTHR3

Rémy Wasselin has posted photos of the first finished SYNTHR3 ready to go

SYNTHR3 has 3 oscillators with different waveforms with the first 2 offering triangle, sawtooth and pulse with PWM and the third offering triangle, reversed saw and square. VCO 1 and 2 can be synced and have dedicated inputs for FM and PWM. There’s also a sub-oscillator and a noise generator that can be mixed in with the VCOs and routed independently to the filters.
 SYNTHR3 offering a choice between the ARP 4072, SEM, Moog, Steiner, CEM3320 and SI2044 filters. There’s room for two filters and so you make your choice at the point of ordering and they’ll build those into the unit.

Modulation and routing are done via these rather marvellous light-up buttons. VCO3 doubles as the first LFO whereas the second dedicated LFO has a choice of 8 shapes, a distortion circuit and Sample and Hold. Along with the VCA envelope there’s a separate modulation envelope and one dedicated to the filters. It all gets rounded off with Ring Modulation and Portamento.
There’s a large display labelled up as “MIDI Controller” which gives access to the MIDI configuration, polyphony modes and also an inbuilt sequencer and arpeggiator.

More info here :

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