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sobota, 18 stycznia 2020

Verbos Electronics introduces 3 new compact modules

Verbos Electronics announces their new Foundation Oscillator, a Noise & Filter module and Amp & Tone .

Foundation Oscillator

Based on the same core as their oscillators but in a more compact space. They use a multiplying waveshaper to give the effect of hard sync so along with the triangle and square outputs you also get three outputs that fade between Sine and Saw, Square and Spike (like a Buchla Easel). Richness and Timbre knobs control the fade between the waveforms increasing the complexity and harmonics.

Noise & Filter

A simple noise generator and 4-band filter bank. The bands are matched to the Bark scale used in the Bark filter so that 3-bands of the Bark correspond to 1-band on this module.

Amp & Tone

A smaller version of their popular Amplitude & Tone Controller. It’s a Sallen-Key lowpass filter followed by a VCA. The sound shaping possibilities include a balance of distortion from the input stage of the filter as well as simultaneous linear and exponential control of the VCA. The filter is no longer using a vactrol as the original module did and is discrete giving it more stability and more aggression.
The Noise & Filter and Amp & Tone are already shipping, the Foundation Oscillator should be available in March.
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