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wtorek, 7 stycznia 2020

Analogue Solutions- Vostok 2020 Demo

Here is a powerful demo in several patches with the latest synthesizer from Analogue Solutions- Vostok 2020 .


Sharing the pin matrix concept with Colossus, but with completely different circuits and a whole different sound!!!

MIDI note sequencer.
MIDI to CV Converter with Velocity CV.
3 Oscillators with Saw, Square, Pulse Width.
Sub Oscillators.
Ring Modulation.
2 VC LFOs with Saw, reverse Saw, Square, Triangle.
CV / Gate step sequencer.
Moving coil signal meter.
Joystick controller.
2 Envelope generators each with repeat feature.
White noise.
Sample and hold.
Unity gain mixer.
Multi-mode VCF.
Pin matrix!
Spring Reverb (3 real springs!)
Rear panel jack patch point.
Optional rack mount.
All analogue voice & modulation circuits 

The price  £3200 and the first small run will be available by Christmas.

More info here :
Designed By Blokotek