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piątek, 15 listopada 2019

FLAME "XPANMIX" Mix recorder module is now available

This year, Flame instruments have released several audio / cv recorders such as Crossmix, Automix, Panmix and another module called XPANMIX.

XPANMIX is XFader (Crossmixer) and Panning combination

The FLAME "XPANMIX" module is a combination of an XFADER (Crossmixer) recorder and a PANNING Mixer recorder. 
The upper part of the module contains the XFADER with two inputs to one output. 
In the lower part of the module is the panning mixer with one input to two outputs left/right.
The inputs are designed for audio or CV sources with a voltage range of +-5v (Audio Modular Level). 
In addition, the inputs can be switched separately to +6db audio (for external audio line level sources) using the slide switch on the rear panel.

The movements of the two mix controls can be recorded. The recording time per channel is over two minutes. The playback speed is adjustable in playback.
The recorded track is played back once when the Play button is pressed briefly (one shot) or in the loop when the button is pressed a little longer.

Both mixers have a separate reset input as well as a separate CV input ( +-5V ) for controlling the mix e.g. by an LFO. 
The track data remains permanently stored (battery buffered memory).

In addition, the output of the XFader is routed to the input of the Panning Mixer if there is no cable in the PAN input. 
Both mixers are thus connected in sequence and can additionally mix the XFADER in the stereo image. 

Dual signal/audio panning mixer with 1 input each to a stereo master output 

- XFADER and PANNING channels with 1 mix control each
- Record time (per channel) approx. 2 min
- 3 Signal/Audio Inputs (Audio or CV) (-5v..+5v)
- all inputs separately switchable to audio with line level at rear
- Mix can also be controlled via CV
- each channel has separate reset input
- XFADER output normalized to panning input 
- Resolution 12bit
- Sampling rate ca.250Hz
- Modes: 
    - Play back one shot (once running) 
    - play back loop (repeating)
    - Switching possibility between play back and Potimix manually
    - adjustable playback speed
- Track data remain permanently stored (battery buffered)


Price -€199 now available
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