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piątek, 4 października 2019

Befaco announces two new modules VCMC and Instrument Interface v2

Befaco has just announced on their fanpage that they are publishing two new VCMC and Instrument interface modules on 24 October.
Both available in DIY and Assembled at finest retailers.

VCMC is a voltage controlled MIDI controller.

A fully editable MIDI controller with eight faders and push buttons. Each of them with a CV or Gate input associated to automate their functioning via external signals or to be configured independetly for further control. 
Each control on VCMC can be edited on its OLED screen and will be output either via DIN-5 or USB as a class compilant MIDI device.

Instrument interface is  Audio pre amp with envelope follower.

Instrument Interface is an eurorack pre-amp capable to bring any type of audio signal to modular levels thanks to its amplification circuit. 
The module can drive regular and condenser microphones (+48V Phantom Powered) as well as Instrument and Line signals with a very low distortion ratio. 
Going further from the regular re-amp operation, Instrument Interface offers some additional extra functions like a Trig/Gate extractor and Envelope Follower circuits, allowing you to use the character of your audio signal in more creative ways.

More info soon on official site Befaco here :

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