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wtorek, 6 sierpnia 2019

Omsonic announces Stochastic Inspiration Generator

Omsonic has teamed up with dBs Music to produce a wonderfully creative Eurorack module that uses Stochastic random probability distribution to set the likelihood of notes firing through your rack.
Stochastic Inspiration Generator

It’s a really interesting idea that applies probability to pitch, duration, onset, offset, ratchet, octave and transition events while governing the likelihood of the note playing in the first place. They say that the workflow is more of a duet than simply playing with it; it’s more of an interaction between human and machine through the manipulation of controls.
What you get is 12 sliders representing the 12 notes of scale arranged like the keys of a piano. As you push up the sliders the probability of the note being included in the sequence increases. On one side you have knobs that do the same thing for timing from two measures down to a sixteenth. Along the top you can influence the octave range from +2 to -2.
Omsonic doesn’t want you to see SIG as a traditional sequencer because it doesn’t repeat (unless you tell it to); it’s also not a probability sequencer with fixed steps and variations, and it’s not random or chaotic because you have a certain amount of control over it.
SIG knows things about rhythm, harmony and melody. It recognises when you push up notes of C major and will emphasise the most common notes in that scale and will shift and morph as you make changes to that. It understands that bass notes define the harmony and inversions. 
Rhythmically it will aim for useful loops that you can capture and hold with the press of a button.
The Stochastic Inspiration Generator will be available soon and has some features that are still on the way.

Price  £224.95.

Probability amount control over: Pitch, Octave and Duration and more…
Looping of upto 18 steps
Multiple secondary functions (Details to be announced)
High accuracy and resolution (16 Bit DAC) 1 volt per octave CV output
Trigger output for pinging LPGs and other modules
12 High quality LED note sliders
Built in the UK with quality parts

Designed By Blokotek