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poniedziałek, 1 lipca 2019

New Vinyl department at Erica Synths Shop

Erica Synths introduced a new vinyl department to their store.
These are mainly the music from Latvia supporting the native scene.
from Electro to Techno and most of the independent stuff released by the Blind Allies label, but also Ingus Baušķenieks Records as the album by Kaspars Rolšteins - Stokholmas Sindroms or Metaphysik with EP - SKD - Surges.
As Erica Synths announces, the catalog soon develops,but now ordering modules you can add a few new interesting vinyl albums to the orders .

Blind Allies is Latvian electro and techno record label. Its main focus is to source and release local talents in combination of well known and established names in the electronic music scene.

more info here:
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