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wtorek, 16 lipca 2019

Modor NF-1 Keyboard prototype

Modor NF-1 is already a well-known and recognizable polyphonic digital synthesizer but currently it is in the desktop and in the smaller version of the NF-1m.

Modor, however, has a prototype of the keyboard version of this synthesizer.
Check what Modor says about it.

''Will there ever be a keyboard NF-1? Well, a little time ago we built a 44-key plastic casing prototype. And it works, but it has some flaws...

A keyboard version will need to be strong and robust, even more than a desktop synth. The keyboard mechanics can be delivered more or less complete by Fatar, that's not a problem. And the knobs and buttons can be the same as on the desktop NF-1. But there's no simple off-the-shelf thing you can use as pitch bend/modwheel. 3D printing didn't give the necessary precision, and plastic moulding becomes prohibitively expensive for smaller production numbers. Or should we make a version without PB/modwheel... ?

Also, if we use the same 2mm steel casing as for the NF-1, things may become really heavy... So we would need really strong packaging to avoid shipping damage, and shipping may become very delicate and expensive... Or maybe a standard included dedicated flightcase?

So, for now the keyboard NF-1 is on hold. It seems us too much of risk, and by trying to reduce the risk, the keyboard NF-1 would get too expensive. But never say never, maybe a very limited edition one day? Share us your thoughts... !

A little secret... Our keyboard prototype has CV/Gate inputs :-)''

More information about Modor synthesizers here:

Few presets from NF-1

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