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czwartek, 2 marca 2017

Studio monitors Esi Activ 05-Test ( english version)

Studio monitors Esi Activ 05  is the second monitor with this company which I had the opportunity to test. Are they worth the money and fulfill the conditions actually studio monitors in this price range? - You will be able to check just in this test.

Anyone who follows the market for studio monitors certainly hits per company Esi Audio. By the fact that most of the market is flooded by other companies and advertising, the company is a little off the beaten track, in my opinion, it should not.

When I got the monitors Esi Activ 05 I was confident after the last test also monitors the company ( link) model UNIK 05 plus, which is newer, it will certainly have to assume a lot worse quality of the product. And here at the very beginning I made a mistake.

First, in general.
We get a call for monitors befits balanced XLR and unbalanced Tsr . Each speaker is powered separately, and separately connected to them, which was a pleasant surprise, because when I've shared a snapshot of unpacking the package got the comment that "are compact monitors very low class only to watch movies on your PC," and this is completely untrue.

Esi Activ 05 is a two-way active monitor speakers with a diameter of 5 inches bass membrane and tweter 1 inch.
Power was split in half or top 30 watt and 30 watt down, for a total of 60 one speaker. Frequency response is 50 Hz to 20 kHz but the exact test frequency noticed that react much earlier and about 38 hz is already strongly felt the bass signal. At the rear addition to the input we get in the overall volume knob of a monitor, which gives us the opportunity to better adjust the volume in the room. The range is from a minimum to center as 0 and max on the opposite side.
The power tells us the blue LED, which is mounted between the diaphragm and the tweter.

In order to give a reliable opinion on the loudspeakers used them for a long time doing a few songs on hardware analogue and digital.
I noticed that the sound through the equal distribution of power loudspeakers is equal, nothing dominates anything neither too much nor too much bottom up, that is the way I like.

When I create sounds never complain about some frequency with which later would have a problem when mixing. Maybe sometimes I missed more "meat" when you pull sounds from vst but also there these speakers performs really great.
I noticed that they lose some of their power in studio, less adapted acoustically. Whenever something they did besides arranged the room were placed acoustic panels on the rear loudspeakers. After removing the panels began to sound a little longer to lose the pits and when he met with a bare wall.
When it comes to space I am not noticed defects or any problems. Great reverbs are audible, even longer and dismissed the mix, but you must use them for at least half the volume to perfectly set the time decay.
Incredibly sounded to them my spring reverb, and it is largely classify my opinion about the spaciousness of these monitors. Digital effects as exercise is good but they can sometimes lose its clarity if not we'll make sure your EQ. Otherwise, as regards the effects of the analog really want to have fat sound. Panoramic also was no problem. Once the speakers are playing a little louder on the quieter volume in the range of 15-20% sounds to move away and disappear.
You have to remember that even when we are dealing with monitors bliskigo field, while the volume mixes also has a big impact on our decisions, so I always use a minimum of 50% of the total volume, so this is normal. Although this means the band considers to be refined at 90%.
What is important is my samplers even the 12-bit, which generate a lot of noise and high energy sonic never sounded flat.

Anyone who does hip hop or music rhythm can safely reach for these monitors.
Esi Activ 05 are well made and have a really deep sound. If you are not afraid to pull the "meat" of our mixes, it is on these speakers, we can confidently take such a decision. Kick or bass can play really powerful, despite the fact that these speakers so they do not look.

Monitors Esi 05 Activ deserve really high scores in this price range. I will use them to this day, and entrust great confidence in the company.

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