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wtorek, 30 czerwca 2015

Renoise Redux- Sampler phrase na bazie trakera

Renoise Redux jest na bazie próbki Instrument VST / AU, dla systemów Linux, Mac i Windows, które posiada potężny wbudowany sekwencer frazy dajacy ogromne możlowści .

Oto oficjalna Intro wideo: specyfikacja ponizej

  • Sequencer – The sequencer in Redux is closely integrated with the instrument, and used to create musical phrases. These phrases are controlled via notes and program-change events, and allow you to alter the playback in a variety of ways.
  • Open-ended – Create sounds from scratch with the built-in sample recorder and draw tool. Or import existing files by simple drag and drop. Redux understands most common audio file-formats, including the .sfz multi-sample format.
  • Tracker Notation – Redux has inherited and expanded upon a rich set of features from its bigger brother, Renoise, including techniques to trigger notes and control sample playback with surgical precision.
  • Sample Modulation – Redux offers true per-note polyphonic modulation, which can be used to transform your material into anything from a short stab to a lush ambient soundscape.
  • Dozens of DSP FX – With a large selection of DSP effects and a quasi-modular system that allows devices to modulate one another, the sound design possibilities are almost endless.
  • Macro Controls – Redux features a straightforward automation system with eight globally accessible macro controls. Each of these macros can be connected to any number of parameters and functions under the hood.
  • Keyboard Driven – A tracker typically make use of numerous keyboard shortcuts and commands. Redux features an innovative on-screen keyboard to help unlock these secrets and provide visual feedback.
  • Waveform Editor – Use the waveform editor to adjust volume levels, cut leading or trailing silence, apply effects, chop samples into slices, and much more. Everything is saved along with the preset
  • Cross-platform – Redux is available for Windows, OSX and Linux, in VST and AudioUnit formats. Your license does not restrict you to any particular platform and is fully portable.
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